How does the app work?

Before the start of the Low Car Diet, you will receive an invitation to download our app. In this email, there will also be a link to a form that will ask you for your current travel behavior: we want to know how many trips you make each week and by what transport. 

Earned Coins 

You earn coins for trips that you make during the week when you travel by bicycle or public transport, or when you travel outside the rush hours by car or public transport. You can exchange the earned coins for free coffee at NS, NS day cards, discounts on several sustainable incentives, etc. 

Look at your own results and the ranking of all participating companies 

We will make your travel-behavior visible through the app. You can compare your results with the average of your colleagues and you can see the scores of all participating companies. Both you and your company have a chance to win prizes!

The app will track your trips and decide which form of transportation you used. If you carpooled or used a shared car, or when you used an electric car, you will have to manually upload this. 

If you want more information or when you have questions about the app, please go to the website of Fynch


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