Why should my company participate?

The Low Car Diet has tremendous benefits, including overall cost-savings. Sustainable kilometers are cheaper, healthier, and cleaner than the ‘standard’ car kilometers. You can initiate a more sustainable and affordable policy. There will be fewer fine particles emitted by your company and you will need less space when there are fewer cars. You will motivate your environment to work smarter. Participants who travel more by train and bike are healthier and arrive at work more well-rested and prepared.

The car is unused 23 hours a day
Most commutes are between 20 and 40 kilometers in distance. There are approximately 250 kilometers of traffic congestion every day. Accessibility and air quality are under pressure and the costs caused by mobility are increasing. Regular car kilometers are the most expensive and most inefficient kilometers: most cars are unused 23 hours per day. Sustainable kilometers are cheaper, healthier, and cleaner. The trend towards paying for actual use is visible in parking, public transport, and car-sharing. The Netherlands has one of the best public transport systems in the world and is one of the leaders in terms of infrastructure for electric transport. Research shows that employees want to use a different mode of transport, but employers don’t give them enough motivation to do so.

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