What is the Low Car Diet?

Low Car Diet is the mobility competition of the Netherlands.

From the 13th of September 2021, the Dutch industry will again travel as sustainable as possible from and to work. The goal: as little CO2-emissions as possible.

During Low Car Diet, senior managers and employees of organisations discover that they can daily travel from point A to point B in a cheaper, more relaxed, cleaner, and healthier manner. They use other modes of transport, such as an (electric) bike, shared cars, the train, and meeting spaces for one month. The Fynch App will automatically log their travel data and automatically rewards sustainable travel choices. This gives both the employees and the employers (on an aggregrated level) detailed insight into their travel habits during and after that month.

Low Car Diet is an initiative of De Reisbeweging, the organization for sustainable mobility. The objective of Low Car Diet is to provide companies and organizations an easy way to learn about sustainable mobility and to support them in implementing sustainable mobility policy as part of their business operations. The car remains unused for 23 hours a day on average and it is a major cost factor. Sustainable transport is cheaper, cleaner and frees up space on the road and in the city.

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