In September 2021, organizations took on the 'challenge' in a fun, inspiring and energetic way to move more and travel healthier, more consciously and more sustainably. The well-being of the employees was central to this. The goal: as little CO2 emissions as possible.

The result? A participant of the Low Car Diet 2021 achieved on average:

  • 38% less CO2 emissions
  • 128 cycling and walking kilometers
  • 150 public transport kilometers

Want to know more about who won and how participants experienced it? Check out our community platform. Would you like to get started on encouraging your colleagues to exercise more on a (home) working day? Check out the Fresh Nose Challenge!

Community platform

Thé mobility competition of the Netherlands

When an organisation registers, it will receive a recruitment package. Together we will raise as many employees as possible to join the team. Everyone can participate! We will prepare you for a perfect start and we will coach you throughout the entire competition. Travelling sustainably has never been that much fun!

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Accomplished results

  • organisatie

    270 +

    organisations have gone before you

  • deelnemers

    13000 +

    participants travelled sustainably during Low Car Diet

  • co2


    The CO2; emissions have been reduced with 50%

  • kosten


    Reduction of 20%-30% on participants´ travel expenses

  • auto


    The amount of travelled car kilometres decreased by 40%

  • fiets


    Participants cycle twice as much during Low Car Diet



Participants in the behavioural program Low Car Diet continuously make 35% fewer car kilometres
(Research by cpb)

These companies have gone before you

These companies have gone before you

By participating in the mobility competition, you as a company gain insight into the travel behavior of your employees, you stimulate sustainable travel choices, and you can motivate and reward the vitality and well-being of your employees. Sustainability and vitality gain attention within your organization and costs are saved. The application can also unburden you at an administrative level and help you gain insight into your business CO2 footprint.

See below which companies have gone before you and sign up so that you are the first to know when a new date for the Low Car Diet is planned!

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  • "In Utrecht-Oost quite some mobility challenges still exist and in reality, using public transport doesn´t always seem to be the easiest option. Low Car Diet was a successful event that made people leave the car at home and cycle to the Hogeschool Utrecht."

    Valerie Visser
    Policy- and Communication employee Sustainability at Hogeschool Utrecht

  • "A.s.r. is a sustainable company, which means that we have to look critically to the current commuting behaviour. Using the Low Car Diet as a competition element allows us to discover whether travelling differently is also a likable option. Reducing CO2 emissions by 5% in one month and winning the team price is something we can be proud of. Low Car Diet was a big success for us!"

    Jacco Jong
    a.s.r. verzekeringen

  • "I experienced the Low Car Diet month as inspirational. About 200 colleagues participated and that makes this month a nice and approachable option to decide to leave the car at home. What I thought was remarkable, is that a female colleague travelled every day from Zwolle to Arnhem by using public transport during this month, despite having to drop of three kids at school every day."

    Elske de Jong
    Manager Sustainable Business Operations at Arcadis

  • "I cycled so much during this month. I only used the car twice. Last week I even cycled an extra round to collect more coins than my wife had in the Low Car Diet App!"

    Robert-Jan Cornelissen
    Advisor Mobility and Accessibility at UMC Utrecht

  • "Our job requires us to be on the road most of the day. It made me very happy to see that employees chose to use the bicycle or public transport. People are stuck in their habits and a project like this allows them to discover different ways of travelling in a fun and easy way."

    Anne Marthe Jalvingh
    Traffic psychologist at Royal HaskoningDHV

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